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Fruupp released four studio LPs over the period of 1973 to 1975 plus a handful of 45 rpms.  Nearly two decades later, three CDs were released as well which repackaged their vinyls and introduced the band to a new generation of listeners.  Unauthorized CDs of each of their four albums were also issued by a Korean and a Japanese label.  It's been a long way from Maghera.

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Vinyl Albums:

Future Legends  (released: October 5, 1973)    Futurelegimage.jpg (3046 bytes)     futleg2.jpg (9996 bytes)

Seven Secrets ( released: April 19, 1974) fruupp2a.jpg (3752 bytes)   
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The Prince of Heaven's Eyes (released: November 8, 1974)  fruupp-heaven.jpg (3391 bytes) 
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Modern Masquerades (released: February, 1975) FRUUPP-modern.jpg (4243 bytes)    
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Single 45 rpms:

Prince of Darkness/Annie Austere (released: October 11, 1975, Dawn Records)
Prince of Heaven/Jaunting Car
(released: December, 1975, Dawn Records)
Janet Planet/Misty Morning Way
(released: 1975, Pye Records)



Songs For A Thought (released: 1992)  sfat.jpg (20763 bytes)
Future Legends/Seven Secrets (released: 1996) flss.jpg (26070 bytes)
The Prince of Heaven's Eyes/Modern Masquerades (released: 1996)  phemm.jpg (22977 bytes)

While the 2-CD sets from See for Miles Records were official re-releases, they suffer from the omission of one song from each of the four albums, including the magnificent "Gormenghast" from Modern Masquerades.   In late-2004, the Sanctuary Records Group (which owns the exclusive licenses of Dawn recordings) released an Anthology of Fruupp's four albums, packaged as a 2-disc CD by Castle Music, It's All Up Now.  It's mostly complete.

The complete CD recordings of each individual album are available from several sources: the "1000 British Prog-Rock" series by the Korean company, Si-Wan Records; the "British Rock Classics" by Teichiku Records Co. Ltd., in Japan; and the re-mastered paper-sleeve CD limited-edition release of Dawn Records' progressive portfolio by the Japanese company, Arcāngelo, under its "Art Rock Series".  Only this latter release is authorized (through an exclusive license with Sanctuary Records Group).  What makes these Asian releases special is that they include the complete lyrics of each album, something which the original vinyl LPs (save for Seven Secrets) lack.  The Japanese CD import series  on "British Rock Classics" is now out of print.  Three of the complete CDs from Si-Wan Records (again, save for Seven Secrets) can be purchased on-line.  And the first three albums are available through Arcāngelo as re-mastered CDs in miniature LP sleeves, with bonus booklets (albeit written in Japanese).  Click on the CD below to find out more.

Future Legends (released: 1995)

Seven Secrets (released: 1995)

Prince of Heaven's Eyes (released: 1995)

Modern Masquerade (released: 1996)  
It's All Up Now: Anthology (released: 2004) iaun-FruuppCD1.jpg (22977 bytes)

Fruupp Mini-CD Box Set (released: 2004)    Japanese miniature LP sleeve box set of first 3 albums

** Also on CD: Dawn Sampler (1975, Dawn Records), which includes Prince of Heaven single; Dawn Anthology (1976, Dawn Records) with two other Fruupp album titles.  The new "Arcāngelo Art Rock Series" CD of The Prince of Heaven's Eyes has bonus tracks of "The Prince of Heaven" and "Jaunting Car".

Fruupp Re-Master Four-Album Catalogue (released: 2009) Esoteric Recordings homepage. Released by Esoteric Records on the Cherry Red label, February 2009, these are four gems re-mastered from the original tapes.  Wonderful commentary by Paul Charles and this Tribute Site and your friendly webmaster even get credit for "getting the ball rolling".  See Geoffrey Feake's review of the Esoteric Records re-mastered set.

See Stephen Houston's Fruupp discography at his web site.

Note:  Thanks to G. Wing, F.  de Heer,  and V. Lyons for some of the background information.