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This page has been set up to allow the very small universe of  Fruupp fans to communicate interests,  make requests, and voice .... whatever.  Alternatively, you can put out a request or communicate with fellow fans by making an entry in the Guest Book. 

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clover.jpg (7615 bytes) 05 January, 2010:   NICK WELLS REMINENCES ABOUT PERFORMANCES IN THE 1970S, INCLUDING THE DERBY SHOWS. He writes: "I'm a huge Fruupp fan, and I am writing, having discovered your web site. I saw the band a couple of times in the early seventies, and met them once prior to a concert in Derby. You …must appreciate the music and the band made as much as I do, and I was wondering if you are in touch with them, or at least know their whereabouts, and how they are doing. I know that Stephen has his own web site and is basically on a different plane, but apart from a couple of videos on YouTube of Martin, there seems to be nothing at all about the rest of the band on the Internet. Martin was the finest drummer I have ever seen - simply stunning, and Vincent was a vastly underrated guitarist. And for me, Peter Farrelly completes the 'Holy Trinity' of bass guitarists along with Chris Squire and Martin Turner. The four albums the band made I still listen to and treasure.  Once again, I thank you for creating such a great site and I only wish that the band could 'do a Horslips' and reform if only for a couple of shows. More than that though, I hope the individual members are happy and well."

.  He writes: "
Just discovered your website after many years as a FRUUPP fan. I only saw them once when they played Hereford College of Education after the release of Modern Masquerades. I bought the album and got the band or at least 3 of them) to autograph it. I only missed lead guitarist Vince MCusker. Its been my favourite FRUUPP album particularly the Mervn Peake Gormenghast aspect. I'm delighted to discover the CD releases and look forward to buying all and listening to any music from band members since then."

clover.jpg (7615 bytes) 16 September, 2003:   MEMORIES OF 1976 NOTTINGHAM BOAT CLUB SHOW & REVEREND STEVEN HOUSTON'S "ANNIE AUSTERE".  Peter Rowe from the U.K. writes: I went to see Fruupp back in 1975/6 at the Boat Club Nottingham and they were great. In fact they were playing some new stuff off of their next album they were planning to make but never did. This is the one after Modern Masquerades. I met Stephen Houston in the 1980's when he was the the Rev Stephen Houston. Did you know he recorded an LP on vinyl called The pride and the Preacher. I managed to pick up 2 copies and he signed one of them. On this LP he did an alternative version of Annie Austere which was quite interesting. I also have autographs of all five members of Fruupp and a personally signed copy of the insert for Prince of Heaven LP with message from Paul Charles written inside about Mud.

clover.jpg (7615 bytes) 11 September, 2003: MEMORIES OF 1976 SHOW IN CHELMSFORD, ESSEX. Ian Ellis from the U.K. writes: I was fortunate enough to see them at the Chancellor Hall in Chelmsford, Essex on their 1976 spring tour. Although it's a long time ago, their uniqueness has remained with me. I particularly recall the stage set-up being like someone's front room; armchairs, a hat stand, etc. -- all gently rubbing shoulders with their backline. I'd never seen anything like it before (this preceded Rogers Waters living room section of the Wall by three years!) All the aforementioned props duly played their parts in the evening's performance. When the band initially filed on stage they all hung up coats,scarves, etc. and then donned them again at the conclusion of the show. Between numbers the mainman sat in the armchair and told short stories pertaining to the relevant songs about to be played. It was heady, magical stuff indeed...Unfortunately, this was the only occasion I saw them. Judging by comments on the web site, I'm led to believe this was not their best period. Without having seen them before I cannot comment (on their earlier performances) but if the gig I witnessed was not 'vintage stuff' one can only wonder what they must have been like earlier on in their career! The show I saw was unique, entertaining and musically perfect. I bought Modern Masquerades on the strength of what I saw that evening... it still sounds good today!

clover.jpg (7615 bytes) 14 August, 2001: MEMORIES OF FRUUPP IN LONDON.   Anita from the U.S. writes: I have been a fan of Fruupp since the first time I met the guys back in a small pub in south London; a past acquaintance was a roadie for the boys.  I went to see them perform at the Marquee Club in SOHO.  One of my most prized possessions is the only vinyl I have left of theres, having lost the others on leaving my parents' home.  I am now living in the states.   It was so good to find that there are others who appreciate what those guy's could do.

clover.jpg (7615 bytes) 5 July, 2001: MUD IN STAINED-GLASS, # 2.  Frans de Heer made a second stained glass picture of Mud inquisitively strolling for his pot of gold, and kindly traded it to "yours truly" for some Fruupp "stuff".   This wonderful art piece today adorns the wall of my office in the wooded hills of Lafayette, California, situated just above my mellotron. 

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clover.jpg (7615 bytes) 5 March, 2001: MUD IN STAINED-GLASS. 
Peter Farrelly is not the only artist-designer in the world of Fruupp.   Frans de Heer of Amsterdam has made a wonderful stained-glass window of "The Prince of Heaven's Eyes".  He writes: "Hereby I send you a photo of a unique stained-glass window.  Stained glass is my profession and for a long time I wanted to make it.  Well here's the result."  Fruupp's most storied album clearly had an impact on one fan. 

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clover.jpg (7615 bytes) 3 January, 2001: A CALL FOR FRUUPP LYRICS
J & A Coleman"
I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed your fabulous Fruupp site.  I've been a huge fan of the Band since the late seventies and in all those years, would you believe, any time I mention Fruupp, people say "WHO"!  I never realised there were so many ignorant (of Fruupp) people out there.  I would love to get my hands on the words for any or all of their songs.  I do hope you can point me in the right direction.  I have been trawling the Internet for months to no avail. Joey Coleman. (ed: lyrics can now be found in the Lyrics section.)