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In his 1st Annual GBTECFIE Award (20 April 2011), blogger Trent writes: "While Fruupp's obscurity may only be rivaled by its irrelevance, it is an interesting example of the development of early Prog Rock and is, in my opinion, THE GREATEST BAND TO EVER COME FROM IRELAND EVER".

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes) Review by Geoffrey Feake of the 2009 Cherry Red re-mastered release of Fruupp's 4 albums: Overall Ranks -- The Prince Of Heavenís Eyes: 9 out of 10; Seven Secrets: 8.5 out of 10; Future Legends: 8 out of 10; and Modern Masquerades: 8 out of 10.

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Review of Fruupp in the Prog Archives: " Irish band who produced four albums of pastoral, progressive rock quite similar to Genesis of that period. The music is very melodic and should appeal to those who enjoy keyboard oriented compositions. Some other interesting instruments like violin, cello and oboe add to the atmosphere. 'Modern Masquerade' is a classic band that, unfortunately, all too few people are aware of. he Prince of Heaven's Eyes" & 'Songs for a Thought'."

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Review by Mike Ohman from the Gilbralta Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock (an early and thoughtful on-line review of Fruupp)

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Under Mega-Music-Reviews, reviewers give the Future Legends/Seventh Secret combined CD 4 1/2 out of 5 stars! Prince of Heaven's Eyes/Modern Masquerades doesn't fare as well -- why not vote and bump up the average?

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Reviewers at's web site evidently agree, giving the first two albums a 5 out of 5 gold-star rating and the latter two a measly 3 out of 5.   (I'm a dissenting voter on this one. RC)

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Paul Collins of "All Music Guide" calls Fruupp "One of the hardest-working bands to end up languishing in relative obscurity" ... here/here to Fruupp's well-deserved place in the pantheon of obscure prog-rock bands!

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  "Future Legends/Seven Secrets" CD

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  A less than flattering review by a Russian wanna-be prog-rock critic.

Odds & Ends (mostly odds):

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Putting the records straight for the 'Fruuppies'!  From Stephen Houston's web site: "Fruupp's third LP 'Prince of Heaven's Eyes', song 'It's all up now', lyric 'and Killarey's still the same, as the warm west winds blow over'. The printers got it wrong. It should have 'Killarey', as in Killarey harbor Connemara in the west of Ireland. The song title 'It's all up now' refers to a picture which can be seen in Faith File, hanging behind the Doc in the segment; 'Forum for your reaction' Real Important, Right? but this has been a trivial raging argument on Fruupp's tribute website."

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes) Say what? Fruupp actually scored 58th in a poll of all-time top prog-rock bands?

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Evidently Fruupp's even more popular in Korea, ranking 8th in someone's "Best Art Rock Group" proclamation.

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Not the most flattering commentary on Fruupp, in citing the past associations of Ian McDonald (producer of Modern Masquerades): "... ex-King Crimson stalwart Ian McDonald (onetime moneymaker with Foreigner, but also poor guy with Fruupp!) ..."

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  One of Fruupp's earliest shows was at The Temple, London, September 24, 1971, accompanying Caravan and Gravy Train.

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Setting the record straight:  Houston nor Mason never played mellotron.  Fruupp used real strings (and occasionally synthesizers).  (Note: Some of the reviews above perpetuate this myth.) 

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Come're pulling my leg...Future Legends was a top 20 album in Urbekistan in 1973?  

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)  Ever think you'd find a Fruupp-Teletubbies connection? Here's a post on a web site devoted to a Teletubbies CD, written by Andrew McCrorie-Shand: "Cheezus! Not THE Andrew McCrorie-Shand?? But it must be.... none other than the leader of Druid, the most pompous of progressive rock groups from the 70s! Their first album "Toward the Sun" from 1975 is one of the more blatant Yes rip-offs in existence, down to the pilfered songtitles and lyrics, not to mention the castrato vocalist. And Mr. McCrorie-Shand's Rick Wakeman-like synthesizer antics are another amusing highlight. Well, this only goes to show, as so many times before, that anything and anyone will sooner or later turn up on the list.... "Tales from Topographic Oceans" has been mentioned in the past, so why not Druid? What's next, Fruupp?"

mushromb.jpg (5644 bytes)   Fruupp's first two LP's made someone's self-proclaimed list of "the Greatest Rock Albums".


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