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Live Recordings 

& Reviews

Fruupp never released a live album, thus those who long to hear Fruupp in the raw are out of luck.  Fortunately, however, some shows were recorded by audience members and today circulate among the world of tape-traders.  The quality of these recordings are quite varied, though the quality of performances are unilaterally outstanding.  There are no known commercial bootlegs of live Fruupp shows.  Vince McCusker reputedly has tapes of the never-released live album that was in the works when the band split up.  Perhaps one day these shows will get released on CD ... perhaps.

Live Shows

There are seven known live Fruupp recordings, most of which are circulating among tape traders.  Here they are in chronological order:

1.  28 July 1973: Cork, Ireland, City Hall  (with Review)

2.  31 July 1973: Dublin, Ireland

3.  5 November  1973: Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ulster TV Studios

4.  16 November 1974: Liverpool, England, Everyman Theatre

5.  November 1974: Guildford, England, Gin Mill Club

6.  5 April 1975: Liverpool, England, Liverpool Stadium

7.  19 April 1975: Aylesbury, England, Friars

More on Fruupp Live-Music 

Vince Lyons has set up a MySpace page devoted to live Fruupp music.  On his home page link to the "Fruupp Stories", Paul Charles talks about two songs Fruupp regularly played that were "early stage favorites": The tooth-rattling "Steam Machine" and "Be Glad". For your friendly webmeister's collection of live Fruupp, check out Rob's live-recording list.**

** Note:  It's a cardinal rule among tape traders not to sell live music for this simply robs artists of income, thus please do not contact me about buying live Fruupp; I don't need the money and am too busy to be copying shows.  I'll consider trading for live music, though since live Fruupp is fairly rare, I'm really only interested in trading for other equally rare live shows.  Of course, I'm very interested in trading for any live Fruupp not only my list.  Peace... **